How to Get to Antarctica

For most individual travelers looking for an adventure, Antarctica is probably somewhere on the top of their list of places to visit. Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent in the world and so this means that you need to have a plan before you set your eyes on this adventure. Learning how to get to Antarctica and knowing when to go are just a few things that you need to keep in mind. Here is a quick guide to getting to Antarctica and certain tips that will make your trip worth it.


When To Go To Antarctica

Choosing the perfect time to visit the cold continent of Antarctica is very important because you don’t want to go there during the coldest time of the year. Antarctica’s most visited season does cover about five months; usually above the Southern Hemisphere of summer (November-March). All the other months are extremely cold, foggy, and can lead to you just hiding under a blanket. Be aware that there are less people around during the cold season and so you should keep this in mind. During these cold months, the things you could expect include:

• November – This time of year is when packs of ice start to break up and the animals are beginning their mating season.

• December and January – This the time where penguin chicks have hatched and are fed to nurture them during the breeding grounds.

• February and March – This is the time where penguin chicks fledge, and where the adult penguins molt, as well as where whales are very easy to spot.

How To Get To Antarctica

You can get to Antarctica by plane, cruise, or sailboat but flying is probably the most common. If you are on a budget then you could go on a boat but though it is cheaper, the process can be long and tiring. However, if you aren’t on a budget, then taking the cruise would be the most enjoyable choice, as it will be like having a vacation before your actual journey. Although if you want to go to Antarctica right away, then taking a plane would be the best option for you.

What To Wear When In Antarctica

Obviously Antarctica is a very cold place and so you should be wearing several layers of thin clothing that can keep you warm at all times. It is very important to wear proper snow boots, as your feet may freeze without them. Wear appropriate clothing that will keep your body warm warm like winter-weighted snow jackets. It is also very likely that the touring company you hired will provide you all the expedition coats for the shore visits and the decking warmth. Just make sure that you have a lot of warm clothing that you can wear even during your exhilarating tour outdoors.

Traveling to Antarctica is definitely an adventure and you need to be prepared. Always keep in mind that you should have some sort of contact through a phone so that if there was ever an emergency, you will be able to contact a friend or the authorities in the area. Overall, a trip to Antarctica is very worth it and should be experienced by many.

photo by StormPetrel1 on flickr


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