5 Great American Road Trips

They say, “Getting there is half the fun!” and they aren’t kidding!

Great American Road Trips- Pacific Coast Highway

Enjoy a vacation that begins as soon as you strap your seat belt on, and put your keys in the car. America offers a vast and beautiful landscape molded and lay out to be discovered one mile at a time. The USA is one the biggest countries in the world, and it offers so many different types of landscapes and sites to see. Road trips are one of the best ways to bond with friends and family. Build memories that will last a life time. Weather you take long drives or short it is a great and fun, and one of the best ways to spend some time off. America offers some absolute beautiful scenic scenes. Different locations like, Pacific Coast Highway (California), Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia and North Carolina), Olympic Peninsula (Washington), Brandywine Valley (Pennsylvania and Delaware), Cape Cod (Massachusetts) are five of the best great American road trips.

Pacific Coast Highway

The gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway is ninety-four beautiful miles, of open ocean. Each twist and turn along this swiveled cliff hung highway is a paradise for anyone who just wants to enjoy the USA, and a good time with friends. The sun just kisses the sea, leaving the mind wondering where the sky ended and the sea began. Beginning in Monterey this route swoops past Carmel, and Big Sur. After Big Sur the winding and mystical road drapes past Morro Bay. Through the entire trip, the mountains just pour into the open sea, and leave any passerby breathless. As far as drives, and road trips go this USA trip is a must.

Blue Ridge Parkway

One other piece of heaven right here in America is the Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia and North Carolina). This east coast trip is a piece of art for any traveler. Imagine how much majesty you could take in driving through two national parks. Not just any national parks, but the Great Smoky Mountain, and Shenandoah national parks are two of the most beautiful places on earth. The trek through the Application Mountains gives great opportunities for photos and home videos. Wildlife, and plant life both prolifically grow and thrive right aside the small road that peeks through the mountains. This road trip offers a view that you could never see from an airplane.

Olympic Peninsula

The three hundred and thirty mile circle called the Olympic Peninsula (Washington) sweeps across waterfalls, rainforest, and mountains. A tremendous amount of variety is painted across this beautiful USA landscape. Driving through this touch of heaven is an experience that no one could ever forget. Waterfalls cascading downward, and beautiful full trees and brush, meet the feet of gorgeous mountains. Anyone who drives up the Olympic Peninsula will make memories that last a life time.

Brandywine Valley

A great trip to take if you enjoy the majesties of the east coast is the drive through Brandywine Valley (Pennsylvania and Delaware). If you are interested in architecture, and artistically built homes this is the trip for you. These gorgeous mansions are built upon some of the most beautiful scenery on the east coast. This trip through America gives each viewer a little taste of culture and poise.

Cape Cod

Let’s not forget one of the most popular places in the USA, Cape Cod (Massachusetts). Pretty east coast view accompanied by small tailored shops and bed and breakfasts will allow each person to find something fun to do. Wine twisting, culture, and antiquing are just a few of the activities allotted, for road travelers. The Atlantic Ocean offers a picturesque view, playing as a great background to the music on your car radio.
America is one of the world’s most beautiful, and diverse places in the world. Taking a road trip will build memories, and paint pictures in the mind that will last a life time.

photo by Daniel Peckham on flickr


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