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Base jumping spots

5 Base Jumping Spots Around the World

BASE jumping (acronym for buildings, antennas, spans and earth) is a sport that is becoming very popular worldwide with new spots popping up daily. This adrenaline sport is a favorite among thousands of adventure seekers and if you haven’t seen the youtube videos yet, BASE jumping basically involves going to a high point and then [...]

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Great American Road Trips- Pacific Coast Highway

5 Great American Road Trips

They say, “Getting there is half the fun!” and they aren’t kidding! Enjoy a vacation that begins as soon as you strap your seat belt on, and put your keys in the car. America offers a vast and beautiful landscape molded and lay out to be discovered one mile at a time. The USA is [...]

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How to Get to Antarctica

For most individual travelers looking for an adventure, Antarctica is probably somewhere on the top of their list of places to visit. Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent in the world and so this means that you need to have a plan before you set your eyes on this adventure. Learning how to get [...]

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Campi Ya Kanzi,

5 Best Eco Resorts in the World

The popularity of Eco Tourism has skyrocketed in the past 10 years. Responsible is estimated to reach 1.6 billion arrivals in 2020, with the market growing at a rate of 25% a year. Luxurious eco resorts, spas and hotels provide 5-star service in lush settings. For the seasoned traveler, it is a chance to experience [...]

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